Our team particularly focused on the development of functional nanoparticles for the delivery of nucleic acids and biotechnological drugs. Our main areas of interest are the use of microfluidic systems, DNA vaccines and immunotherapy approaches in cancer treatment. We also serve the production of various enzymes and proteins.

On-Going projects


Ensuring immune stimulation with artificial cancer cells that can be recognized by the immune system against breast cancer and investigating its therapeutic and cancer vaccine potential

01 December April 2023 – 01 December 2026

Team: Hasan Akbaba, Gülşah Erel-Akbaba, Muhammet Karakavuk, Deniz Onan, Esra Engin, Şerif Şentürk, Mert Döşkaya, A. Gülten Kantarcı


In vitro evaluation of the therapeutic efficacy of CRISPR/Cas9-mediated Lipocalin-2 gene knockdown against triple negative breast cancer delivered by targetable nanoparticular systems.

Accepted 19 January 2024

Team: Hasan Akbaba, Gülşah Erel-Akbaba, Şerif Şentürk, Shahrzad Mirbaha, Deniz Onan, A. Gülten Kantarcı

Science Academy’s Young Scientist Awards Program (BAGEP)

Development of a CRISPR/Cas9 Based Targetable Immuno-oncological Treatment Approach for Breast Cancer

15 May 2022 – 15 May 2024

Hasan Akbaba

on-going Projects participated as a researcher

COST Action- CA20110

RNA communication across kingdoms: new mechanisms and strategies in pathogen control (exRNA-PATH), Interfering strategies in exRNA communication: translational applications

COST Action- CA21113

Genome Editing to Treat Humans Diseases (GenEHumdi

tübitak 1004

Rapid DNA Vaccine Development Against COVID-19″ Tübitak COVID Platform

tübitak 1001

In vitro and in vivo evaluation of potential endocrine disrupting and obesogenic effects of several pharmaceuticals that are exposed prenatally

tübitak 1004

Development of Diagnostic Kits, Drug Formulations and Vaccines Against HPV and Influenza-Based Infections that Mostly Threaten Public Health in Our Country and in the World

tübitak 2209-a
  1. Therapeutic genome editing of lipocalin2 knockout and investigation of its effect on breast cancer proliferation.
  2. Production and transfection of liposome formulations for DNA vaccine using microfluidic technique

completed research projects

  1. Development of novel targetable nanoparticular systems for crispr/cas9 mediated gene knockout of immune checkpoint protein-PD-L1 and in vitro / in vivo evaluation of immuno-oncological efficiency in breast cancer model, 2019-2023, TUBITAK 218S682
  2. Development of a liposome formulation that provides CRISPR/Cas9 enzyme immobilization for 5-alpha reductase enzyme knockdown and evaluation of It’sefficiency, 2021-2023, EGE-BAP 22487
  3. Mechanisms of Cd49a Expression and Resident Memory T Cell Formation In Skin, Enforcing Institution: Harvard Medical School, Massachusetts General Hospital, Massachusetts General Hospital – Center for Immunology and Inflammatory Diseases, Postdoctoral researcher, 2017-2021, NIH R01 AI121546-01A1
  4. Development of monoclonal antibody loaded radiopharmaceuticals for cancer diagnosis and evaluation of efficacy with in vitro/in vivo studies, 2021-2022, TUBITAK 220S361
  5. Design, synthesis, characterization, PTR1 enzyme inhibiton levels of thiazolopyrimidine derivatives small molecules and their in vivo – in vitro antileishmanial bioactivity, 03.15.2018 – 03.15.2021,  Project Assistant, TUBITAK 117S041.
  6. Development of ultrasound sensitive nanobubble formulations containing paclitaxel, survivin inhibitor and siRNA against lung cancer, 15.05.2017-15.05.2019, Project Assistant, TUBITAK 116S213.
  7. Development of cell-derived exosomal formulations as anticancer shRNA delivery systems, 15.05.2015-15.05.2017, Project Assistant, TUBITAK 115S829.
  8. Synthesis, characterization and bioactivity of thiazolopyrimidine derivatives as potential antileishmanial PTR1 enzyme inhibitors, 15.06.2015-15.06.2016, Project Assistant, TUBITAK 213S026.
  9. A biophysical approach to DNA delivery systems; A novel magnetic nanoparticle production method and magnetofection under magnetic field regulations, 15.11.2012-15.05.2015, Project Assistant, TUBITAK 112S294.
  10. Development of Cationic Solid Lipid Nanoparticles for Gene Delivery and Determination of their Transfection Efficiency, 15.07.2010-15.07.2011, Project Assistant, TUBITAK 110S020.